Recently the Laravel Octane package was released. It was created to make Laravel with Swoole and RoadRunner more friendly. We are using RoadRunner instead of php-fpm in for some time now, and we decided to share our experience and to reveal what advantages it has.

RoadRunner is a high-performance, open-source PHP application server written in Go. The main difference from php-fpm is that RoadRunner interacts with long-lived php processes, unlike php-fpm, which creates and kills a new php process with each request.

Advantages of a long-lived process:

  • No time is spent on creating a…

Remember how you ordered sushi, farm products, sports equipment, whatever. What was so painful about it? Stupid sorting? A multi-page catalog that works slow, gets confused and takes you back to the very beginning after viewing the product? A search that persists in saying “nothing has been found to your request”? The need to register to place an order? Endless attempts to buy an item that is out of stock?

I can enumerate such things for a long time, and you will remember all your online shopping experience and, definitely, feel the bitterness that it left behind. …

While marketplaces are taking over the world, and Wildberries is reporting a 96% increase in turnover in 2020 — up to 437.2 billion rubles, we, developers, are looking for ways to make these marketplaces process requests in a matter of milliseconds and scale in a snap.

In this article I will tell you about my experience with a highly loaded project, with which I have been cooperating for almost 2 years. I’ve decided to overview only a few points so far that I think are really cool.

One of the tasks was to make the site operation speed comparable to…

Our team is based in Belarus. We are focused on Custom Software Development and Web & Mobile Applications Development.

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